Kent Museums to Visit

Kent, the county in south-eastern England is known as The Garden of England due to the large number of gardens and spectacular landscape, however, the county is also home many world-class museums which truly offer something for everyone regardless of age or interest.


In Kent, you can visit over 50 accredited museums and a number of non-accredited ones many of which are worth visiting as well. If you like history, you will enjoy history and archaeological museums such as the Kent Battle of Britain Museum, Chatham Historic Dockyard, Dover Castle, Dover Museum, Royal Engineers Museum, Sheerness Heritage Centre, Tenterden & District Museum and many others that will take you back through time and enable you to learn more about Kent’s as well as national history.

Visitors of Kent who are interested in nature have plenty to see and to do in the county. After all, Kent is not called The Garden of England for no reason. If you are a nature lover, you are most likely interested in the county’s breathtaking landscape and countryside but you will not regret visiting the Powell – Cotton Museum housing an outstanding natural history collection. It is surrounded by a spectacular 15 acre gardens with exotic trees, lovely flowers, wildlife pond and other interesting features. The gardens are also home to peacocks and doves, and are regularly visited by local butterflies, moths and insects. And the Powell-Cotton Museum is only one of many Kent museums and attractions surrounded by lovely gardens or picturesque landscape.


Families with kids can have fun in Kent museums offering games, workshops and children-friendly exhibitions on the local history, life, nature, art and other interesting topics. Some of the favourite museums for families include the Dover Museum and Dover Castle, the Leeds Castle (nicknamed The Loveliest Castle in the World), Museum of Kent Life and many others offering interesting exhibitions and events for adults and fun yet educative activities for kids of all ages.


Kent museums will not let down anyone but due to the abundance of museums in the county, it is recommendable to make a list of museums you would like to visit because it difficult to remember them all. Also, be sure to check the opening times before departing to be able to see and experience as much as possible. However, do not expect to see everything within a few days though because it is physically impossible especially if you want to visit other Kent attractions too. Start with the museums in which you are interested the most to avoid running out of time for the “most important“ ones. Be sure, however, to include museums that are interesting for kids as well if you are planning a family vacation or trip to Kent.

It is also a good idea to make a list of Kent museums to visit (with their opening times) if you are planning to enjoy outdoors and the countryside just in case of a bad weather in order to make the most of your trip to Kent at any season and any weather.